What does Encapsulation mean in the world of advanced .NET programming?

A senior .Net programmer should be aware of several things to remain effective. These things include Object-Oriented Programming, which is a paradigm of building software programs through utilizing data structures known as objects. It has both data and behaviors. A developer would be working on the Object-Oriented platform and techniques that could help manage the complexities in making real-world applications that lead to easy solutions. Another thing to consider is Abstraction. It is all about simplifying real-world concept to something more manageable for an app. There could be several abstractions levels in the applications. At various levels, abstractions could omit details but it is a good idea. It helps in breaking down a complicated thing and makes it into something that is simple. Senior programming for the platform is a good way to go if you want to gain more flexibility and profitability building great apps for the .Net framework.

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